What is a chronological resume?


If you write your application for your education, a chronological resume offers. This means that you, the stations of your previous education - so your school career on the whole - again giving in the order in which they occurred. In UKit is common to write the resume in tabular form.

The American variant

More and more Recommend guide you to write your resume in the American variant - this is the last stop, you innehattest in life, in the first place. This may well make sense if you have already gained some work experience. When applying for an education, however, a chronological resume is still best. The corresponding personnel managers are accustomed to this structure and can directly see at a glance what is important. For managers it obviously makes no sense to begin their primary schooling - they actually have more benefits thereof when the first thing to specify their last job. But for you is not interesting.

own decisions

Your chronological resume starts with your name and your date of birth. Below you write optionally your confession - that you do not have, but if you apply about in church institutions, which can be helpful. You must also decide if you want the names and professions of your parents. With later applications do you do that in no case more. In the Training Application you can do that, if you like them. It does exactly make sense if one of your parents is working in the profession in which you would like to learn: This is what the recruiter that your request is not out of thin air, and may assume that you're versed a bit with the job , Bring you to specify anything, let them rather clear.

Only the school, and then?

After your data you give to the schools that you attended. The month and year in which you began with the visit of the corresponding school and stopped again, enough for it. Did you attend professional orientations in the course of your schooling, you can give this. Do this only if the theme that you have chosen then, is related to the industry in which you operate now want to become. Two days in a hotel kitchen you do not help if you want to be mechatronics. The same applies to the teaching practice, when you have completed a: Call it, if it is relevant to the job.

And otherwise?

A chronological resume includes with your additional skills and your interests or hobbies. You should here your computer or computer skills specify as few professions today do without a computer work. Then you write on your language skills and any other skills for the job relevant. With your hobbies you can emphasize that you're about creative or a team or sport - whichever may appear helpful for the profession. Because it is written in brief, your chronological resume is not too long and is comfortable for the recruiters to read.

Example chronological resume

Sample Chronological Resume

Sample Chronological Resume

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