personnel manager resume template


Personnel manager resume template

Your name,


New York

Mobile Number: 33 77 9999

Telephone Number: 01886 388889.



Career Objective:

To apple experience and education to position In personnel administration in a Sino-American Joint venture..

Educational Qualification:

  • B.S in Administration, 2006. Stanford University


  • Excellent Communication skill (Oral & Written).
  • Hard Working & Self Motivated.
  • Ready to work alone as well as with team.


  • Proficient in MS Word and MS Excel,.
  • Experienced In operation of IBM-PC(0520)microcomputer.
  • Provide necessary adjustment features towards the human resource policy of the firm for expanding it.
  • Take necessary developmental human resource aims and objectives.
  • Provide human resource department budget administration.
  • Hold the employee relationship through an outstanding process.
  • Work as an assistant in improvement of instruction curriculums.
  • Accumulate stats regarding the guidebook of employee benefits.Good hardware problem solver.


  • From August 2006 to Present Personnel Manager, Wanbao Electric Appliance Group Company. Responsibilities Include Conducting salary surveys, establishing salary ranges and progression rates for each level, making job evaluation plans´╝îquestionnaires, application forms, etc., recruiting new employees, formulating and revising training Programs, initiating and implementing programs to improve and utilize potential of staff members..
  • Prepare various reports like- management report, administrative report.


Handled a team of persons and displayed leadership qualities.


example of personnel manager resume template


personnel manager resume template

personnel manager resume template

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