analytical chemist resume template


Analytical chemist resume template

Your name,


New York

Mobile Number: 212-925-2005

Telephone Number: 212-123-45678.



Career Objective:

A position as an Analytical Chemist which may utilize all my analytical, quantitative, innovative, financial, managerial skills and past experiences and knowledge to meet company objectives..


XXX Ltd., NY, October 2005-Present
Pharmaceutical QC/ R&D


  • Coordinated work activities according to the requirements of the projects
  • HPLC/ HPTLC/ GC, study of raw material and refined products, In procedure examination, Reaction observing, middles as per pharmacopoeia and in home requirement.
  • Tool calibration logs and process validation.
  • Stability study.
  • Natural products analysis.
  • Instrument coverage :
  • HPLC, guidebook injector, UV/ V's detector.
  • Compose : Shimadzu LC 10 AD, Thermo partition Products (UV100 P100), Thermo partition Spectra sequence (P200 Gradient sys), Varian Aerographs..

XXX Lab Ltd., California, July 2003-September 2005
Analytical chemist


  • Analyzed raw material and finished all products.
  • Maintained a proper record of all activities and findings of experiments
  • Provided guideline to perform different experiments when needed
  • Prepared and maintained functioning standards.
  • Prepared normal solutions.
  • Analyzed raw material and finished products
  • HPLC/ GC/ FTIR, Tablets/ Capsules, Liquid orals/ syrup, Multivitamins, Injections/ Ointments, Stability testing.

Educational Qualification:

  • University of Science Pennsylvania, PhD, Analytical ,Chemistry; June 2003
  • University of Science Pennsylvania, Master of Science,Chemistry ; June 1999

example of analytical chemist resume template

analytical chemist resume template

analytical chemist resume template


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