nursing student resume example


Nursing student resume example

Your name,


New York

Mobile Number: 212-925-2085

Telephone Number: 212-123-45678.



Career Objective:

I aspire to find a position where my expertise in caring for the sick is utilized to its fullest..


  • In-depth knowledge of the medical terminology.
  • Strong ability to read heart beat, blood pressure, all basic examination and assessments.
  • Deep knowledge of professional standards and School of Nursing policies and expectations.
  • Exceptionally good in interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Ability to utilize the nursing process to provide safe patient care
  • Ability to work independently for long hours..


XXX Community Health Systems, NY, October 2000-Present
Nursing Student


  • Responsible for greeting the customers and make reservations.
  • Serve the customers and ensure the service and satisfaction.
  • Attended all the ill-patients and performed duties such as feeding, bathing, oral care and shaving of the patients.
  • Performed delegated nursing tasks.
  • Participated in hospital, Fire and Safety activities, and Ward and unit team meetings.
  • Collected specimens, assisted with personal hygiene and feeding and recorded patient status.
  • Identified determinants of health affecting individuals and families.
  • Consulted impact of selected health alterations on individuals and families..

XXX Community Health Systems, California, July 1998-September 2000
Nursing Student


  • Responsible for providing the support of administration for the staff.
  • Made arrangements for the day care activities for the teenagers and youth.
  • Prioritized, organized and managed delivery of quality nursing care.
  • Completed reports and assessments.
  • Collected data in a timely manner to the appropriate clinical site staff.
  • Documented patient records accurately.
  • Helped in personal and professional development of patients and staff..

Educational Qualification:

  • University of Nebraska Lincoln, Nursing; June 2002

 example of nursing student resume example

Nursing student resume example

Nursing student resume example

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