business administration resume


Business administration resume
Rudy Cotter


1984 MetroBank Bellaire, Suite 27

Personal 003-444-Houston, Texas, USA


I am looking for a business administration job that will showcase my excellent leadership skills, great team – building ability and considerable experience in being a valuable team player in the success of the organization..

Professional Qualifications

•   Use clear, concise communication skills in conjunction with organizational skills to perform daily duties.

•   Work well as a team member or independently.

•   Resourceful, energetic, competent, multi-task and results-oriented.

•    Developed and implemented improved policies and procedures, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.

Professional Experience

HR Administrator

•   Assisted clients through an accurate assessment of needs

•   Participated in assigning risk assessment to products inventoried, data entry, report updates and analysis, formal and informal research, and manufacturer and vendor correspondence; collaborated with Project Manager during meetings to generate new ideas that would facilitate Y2K project

•   Invited to participate on numerous process improvement committees


Assistant HR Administrator

•   Performed all assigned duties and took part in all administrative duties

•    Handled accounting (through balance sheet/financial statement, AP/AR), human resources (recruiting, evaluating, record keeping, payroll), and management-employee liaison/company-customer relations

•    Answered incoming phone lines to provide details on filing deadlines and application status.

•    Filtered principal’s mail and incoming calls to prioritize activity and reduce interruptions.

•    Served as liaison between the president and subsidiaries

•    Scope of responsibility is diverse and includes patient communications, special event coordination, operations management, executive administration, human resources, and regulatory compliance


•   Organizing & Leading Skills

•   Possess knowledge of excellent record maintenance and filing techniques

•   Computer Literacy

•   Team Work Ability

•   Confident & Disciplined


Master of Business

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business administration resume

business administration resume

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