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cover letterThe cover  letter is the beginning and the substantive taste of your entire application documents, while also an example of your ability to formulate. It is thus the most important feature of the online application. You should avoid to make a general template for any letter. A pattern in which only the name and data to be exchanged is often detected immediately.

The most important advice letter

The letter should have a proper relation to the company and reflect their individual interests and abilities. References such as the CV or certificates are not herein. Likewise, you should take it exactly the truth, since the contradictions and skills to be addressed at the latest during the interview. The personnel manager or clerk is trying to make the correct picture of you and decide on the basis of the formulations in the letter. if you are interesting to him, or not.

So you should always ask: • Why should the company just hire me? • What makes me so interesting for the job? • What do I want from the company and what I expect from the job? It is important to address the person responsible personally to immediately establish a personal relationship. The formulation of business letters "Dear Sirs" should be avoided. Often,  no contact is specified, so the  shape may be used. Take in your letter quiet reference to the text in the job advertisement. The job descriptions that are written more frequently in English, can serve as templates, because they contain important information about eligibility or area of responsibility. If the job posting directly demands for salary the utterance, so you should also formulate adequately, but only before the final set. If it is an open application, you should indicate your cover letter and refer to a previous telephone conversation, as far as a has occurred. If you become aware of an employee of the company for the position, then can and should mention this also. While this has always smacks of so-called "Vitamin B", but is particularly common in UK and not unusual. For the content of the letter you should always use the well-known from the advertising psychology formula as a template. It consists of the four important points Attention, Interest, Desire and Action, is the "attention to win," the "spark interest", the "desire to get to know" and "Run Invitation".

AIDA formula for the cover letter

• attention generate
• Attention Activity
• Trigger wish to invite you to an interview
• the clerk to move the activity to induce the invitation There are different ways to create a cover letter, here the most common formulations as an example: Possible examples of the opening in the cover letter:

"I have with great interest read your job announcement and would like to apply to you herewith for hiring / the [...]."

"in your ad from [...] in the [...] Search a / n [...] with great interest I have been following the development of your company and would like to apply hereby as [........]. "

" your staff [...] has me on a need [...] made in your company carefully and has aroused great interest in me. "

Examples of possible :

"About the invitation for an interview I am very pleased." "Should you approve my application, I am at your for a job interview." "For all further information, please contact me in a personal conversation."

Examples for key phrases: never use the subjunctive in your cover letter and also otherwise in your application (would, could, would, etc.).

This gives the impression that you really do not really want it. Be direct. False: I'm looking forward ... I want to apply ... I could tell you ... Correct: I am happy ... I apply ... I'll ...

Form and layout of the cover letter

The cover letter is limited in scope to one side, since all writing longer migrate immediately to the trash. There is, of course, in principle, the possibility to create a cover letter on two sides, but in professions where there is no acute shortage of skilled labor there should be avoided. The layout of the page is divided into a header area with the contact details of the applicant, the addressee and of course location and date. Only then that starts with the subject line of the content with the Greeting line ends. Avoid highlight it certain words or areas outside the subject line "bold".

Incentives to shape and layout offer you the examples under the next point.

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