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Dear friend,

I never thought I get to write this goodbye letter. That many weeks I try to let my pen browse the web in vain.
But someone once said that the hardest work was the one who had never started. So I grabbed my pen ball and I forced myself to write to you.
I know you're wondering whether you owe the honor to receive this paper. Well, I come here.

I think you would not understand if I told you just "dear friend, I make you say goodbye. I'm leaving." Is not it?
I know this letter will be very long, so I will try to shorten.
well, that's it. I would first divide the letter into several categories. First, the introduction, then comes the moment "kind", I'll write what I really think of you, and then we will finish with the most horrible category for my taste. "goodbye".

Courage my friend, we have already introduced!

I never really able to say what I really thought people. It's a little bastard I'll tell you, but I behaved like a fake ass with others, simply because I know very well that the truth would hurt them.
But I promise and I swear to you that with you, I would be frank, believe me.

I prefer to begin by describing to you the point of view "bad temper."
I think you really upset you too fast, and sometimes, your words hurt me, but I never dared to say, because in reality j 'was afraid of you. Finally, that's the past, of course!
Now, on to the next point. " Good character". Excuse me but I have never been good to find headlines and subheadings correct, does not want me, I'm like that.
You've always been good with people asking for your help, especially with me, and I am grateful to you.

You perfectly know when I was not going very well, while others believe in my lies. You made me promise promises I never kept without your continued support.

I think I have done the trick. And with the lump in his throat and tears in my eyes that I announce to you that this is it, we are finally in the latter category goodbye.

I do not really know where to start. I know this part of the letter will be a big, huge, rough, where everything is mixed, and I apologize in advance. I did not mean to leave, you know. I have not in any case wanted to hurt you, or offend you by leaving. Forgive me.

I never liked goodbye or even say goodbye. These are words that remain across my throat and struggling to come to lie on that damned piece of paper. These words make me so scared there, if you knew how! They give me the impression of never seeing the recipient of those words. Even if we say all the time "this is a goodbye," I know beforehand that I will never see her again these people I was so anxious.

Anyway, I digress. Let's finish this once and for all. I think if I continue to write you another quarter of an hour I shall found in tears, and I should start this long letter on a new sheet of paper because my tears have stained the other document that I poured my words, listening only to my heart.

Maybe have you already stopped reading this? I'm certainly trying to flog to write the text that will end in the trash in less time than it takes to say, who knows. Although, I'm sure you do not read this part, I feel the uncontrollable urge to write, just so my pain out of my mind and point at the end of my pen.

My dear friend, I'm going. I go away from it all, away from my family, and unfortunately, I go away from you. I do not want to explain the reason for my departure, no, not even you comforted me or you force me to stay. I know that if you ever had to force myself to live with you, it would only be a close friend for the rest of your days.

So I'm sorry, but I'm going. It's like that, and I can not help it.

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goodbye letter samplegoodbye letter sample

goodbye letter sample

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