medical esthetician cover letter

medical esthetician cover letter

medical esthetician cover letter




Since I have been seeing April for my facials I have seen an incredible change I went from cystic acne to a clear face with in two months or less it has been amazing the products works wonders I am a hundred percent satisfied with the results and enjoy talking to April too very professional and super friendly love it!
-Michelle N.




I was very pleased with the professional treatment that April Margagliano extended to me. She took the time to consult with me about the condition of my skin. My skin was dry and she explained to me how she could correct the problem. She was considerate about my feelings and made me feel comfortable. I felt confident because of her knowledge and was satisfied that she would be able to help me.


I was extremely happy by the techniques that were used to adjust my dry skin. She also recommended some products for my skin that has helped to keep my skin from being so dry. I have also had several peels that has made my skin smooth.


Can't tell you how excited I am to be able to look in the mirror and love the way my face looks. I would highly recommend her services.



Suzanne Webb





To Whom It May Concern:


I would like to take the opportunity to recommend April Margagliano. I have received a number of facials and acid peels from her. Her knowledge of the chemicals and techniques involved were exceptional and my skin was noticeably smother and healthier looking after her services. Please do not hesitate to her professional services a try.



Winn Webb

I am a big believer in natural skin care. I have always tried to get semi-regular facials as a preventative measure as I am starting to get older. Although I am in my early thirties, I feel like if I take care of my skin now, it will help it look younger as I get older. Until this past year, I usually would see my skin care professional back home when I was visiting family. However, I have known April Margagliano for a while now, and was wanting to meet with her to have someone local help with my skincare needs.

I started with a facial, and loved it. The results were exactly what I expected, and April was professional and helpful during the treatment. I had a lot of friends talking about peels, and although I was curious, I was extremely apprehensive. April took the time to answer all of my questions (and there were many) about the procedure. Finally, I decided to give it a try. I am so glad that I did - I absolutely loved the results! I was never red or overly flaky, and my skin looked amazing after the peel. Not to mention that during the peel, April went out of her way to explain what she was doing and to make sure I was comfortable. She even checked on me later that evening to make sure I was not having any reactions or adverse effects.

I also had my first dermaplane treatment with April. She, once again, answered my many questions before the treatment. After the treatment, my skin felt amazing. I am definitely hooked.

I think April is great at what she does, and she is obviously very passionate about it. It is nice to have a skincare professional who actually cares for your skin and gives you helpful suggestions. Plus, she is always professional and I never feel like she is rushing me through an appointment. I would, and have, highly recommend April Margagliano for all your skin care needs.

Kristen Brannon


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