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Creating Friendly Letters

Adam Pyles

Objectives: Sixth Grade


Competency Goal 6: The learner will apply conventions of grammar and language usage.

6.01 Demonstrate an understanding of conventional written and spoken expression by:

  • using a variety of sentence types correctly, punctuating them properly, and avoiding fragments and run-ons.
  • using appropriate subject-verb agreement and verb tense that are appropriate for the meaning of the sentence.
  • demonstrating the different roles of the parts of speech in sentence construction.
  • using pronouns correctly, including clear antecedents and correct case.
  • using phrases and clauses correctly (e.g., prepositional phrases, appositives, dependent and independent clauses).

Time Needed: Approximately 25-45


Purpose: With the widespread usage of the Internet and email, people are writing to each other more now than they have in years. However, even though we are writing now more than ever, studies have shown that our writing skills have taken a downturn in quality. This is an attempt to raise the standards by which our students communicate with the world and each other.   By showing them the proper format for a friendly letter, we as teachers are ensuring that good writing does not become extinct due to the Internet.


Materials Required: Paper and writing utensils for the students. The teacher needs to have copies of the friendly letter guide and description, enough so that every student can have a copy. The teacher may also need a blackboard or overhead to write on for demonstrations.


Script: “Can anyone tell me some ways that people communicate with each other?” (Wait for the answer of letters) “That’s right. Letters are a very important part of the way we communicate with each other. With the invention of the Internet and email, people are writing to each other now more than ever. That is why the topic of today’s mini lesson is very important. We are writing so much to friends and family that we are forgetting how to write a proper friendly letter. This is an important skill to have. When we send a letter that is written in the proper format, whether it be to friends, family, or maybe for a formal reason, it reflects well of us, as an educated person.

“This is the proper format for a friendly letter.” (Hand out format or show on an overhead. It would be best to do both). “ To begin with we have the heading…”At this point go over the attached handout. It is very easy to understand, with explanations beside each category).

“The assignment for you, the student, is to write a friendly letter to anyone you wish. The only rule is that it must be in the proper format for which you have the template. It can be to anybody and concern anything you want. Just make sure it is the proper format!”

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